Orange Joinery Projects

On this page we will showcase some of the unique projects that we have been asked to complete. If you are looking for a joinery solution for your home, look no further, we can assist!

Timber stairs with shelving unit

The client came to us wanting stairs to be built with a shelving unit to be installed underneath. The job had to templated to the opening as things were bowed and were not parallel. The joinery project was constructed out of MDF which was then unassembled and sprayed with a semi-gloss lacquer.

The shelving had to be installed in a precise sequence so minimal fixings were seen. All was screwed together in position from the back (very limited space as per photo of hand screw driver), resulting in the last unit to be designed to slide into place from the seen side.

We are happy to say the client was ecstatic with the completed fit out.


Cedar Louver

To stop prying neighbours from looking onto their home and to keep the great view across the balcony, our clients came to us requesting a set of vertical louvers.

It was constructed from cedar due its natural durability and stability against the elements, then coated with Light Oak Sikkens to enhance the timber grain effect.

The client was very pleased with the result, which gave the desired outcome they were after