How to take care of Formica Laminate surfaces

  • 3 March 2016
  • Orange Joinery

Formica® Laminate is very easy to clean and is perfect for benchtops, worktops, vanities and laundries. 

Formica laminate care instructions from Orange Joinery in Nelson

Do's and Don'ts

  • Don't place appliances or pots straight from the oven/cooker directly onto your Formica® laminate surface.
  • Avoid scourers and abrasives - they will damage the surface.
  • Keep waxes and polishes well away. They merely dull the natural sheen/finish.
  • Don't cut directly on Formica® laminate surfaces.
  • Don't place burning cigarettes onto Formica® laminate surfaces.


Streaky marks sometimes show on dark colours and gloss surfaces after cleaning. Mr Muscle Surface & Glass or Ajax Spray n Wipe spray cleaners should remove them.


Clean, hot soapy water will deal with greasy marks. If needed, dab, wait and wipe away. Finish off with Mr Muscle Surface & Glass, or Ajax Spray n Wipe spray cleaners.


Formica® laminate surfaces resist staining from most household chemicals. With some accidental spills, however, you must take prompt action. Wipe of beetroot and berry juices, first aid preparations, concentrated bleach, oven cleaners, dishwasher detergents and artificial dyes or hair colouring immediately. Specialty glue types such as Super Glue can also be removed immediately with acetone (nail polish remover). Note: some solvent-based Texture pens may leave permanent marks unless removed immediately.


If the stain won't budge with Ajax Spray n Wipe try Methylated Spirits or dab the stain with a diluted bleach mixture (1 part bleach to 8 parts water). Leave for 3 minutes then wash off with water and dry. Finish off with Ajax Spray n Wipe. Please note that bleach may irreversibly damage the laminate surface. Note: Always be careful on laminate joins and edges, as these products can break down the adhesive used to bond your Formica laminate to the substrate. Solvents like methylated spirits and acetone are highly flammable. Use with proper caution.


Formica laminate surfaces will withstand normal wear and tear, but can be damaged by scratching or cutting with utensils, knives and unglazed pottery. Darker colours and gloss surfaces will show scratches more readily than lighter colours. To minimise scratching, always place and lift objects from the surface - never drag or slide them across the surface.

Care Chart - Care and Maintenance

Formica Solid Colour & Pattern laminates Velour and Gloss finish

A damp cloth removes spills and greasy spots. Rub with a clean, dry cloth to bring back the brightness. Occasionally clean with warm soapy water. To remove heavy build-up or dirt use Mr Muscle Surface & Glass or Ajax Spray n Wipe spray cleaners.

Formica laminates Metallic finish

Wipe off spills or marks promptly with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Never use abrasive cleaners, even those in liquid form, as they will impair the surface. Never use solvents on metallic laminates.

If you have any other concerns or would like to know more about your Formica® laminate surface - contact us.

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